JASON Technology established in 2000,starting as a business agent of the famous wet system equipment manufacturers of Japan and Twaiwan. With the joining of the original TCM engineering personnel from Japan&Taiwan in 2003, in turn, we success get more than 20 years experience and technology transfer, which are our technology blueprint base on. Since then, through constantly improve, pratice and innovation, we have overcame the design blind spot than other manufacturers face. Thus our equipment&machine have met all-around requirements whether in process capacity, mechanical stability or safety.
People of Jason hold an idea of “Patience, Foucs and Professional”, whice seek to make a better breakthrough on PCB wet process. In particular, we focus our R&D on “Developing” and “Etching”, so far, our fine lines have achieved very good performance both on “Developing” and “Etching”.
As growing stronger, we have set foot in FPCB processing and cooperate successfully with Japan MEKTEC, and achive their recognition.
Also, we have established our Solar PV division to diversify pur company.
As after-sales service, we apply one-to-one tracking service. We have four professional&rapid maintainingroups according to customer profile, make sure we could reach the site in four hours (the South China area).
Do not meant to be the largest enterprise, but the best enterprise.
Neat and elegant appearance
Simple but practical mechanical structure
Constant improve our technical level
Good performance with relative low price

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